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06 August 2002

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Five paintings scoop prize money!
The five winning paintings in the prestigious John Moores 22 exhibition of contemporary painting at the Walker, Liverpool, have been named.
From these, a main prize of £25,000 will be awarded with four further prizes of £2,500 each. The main prizewinner out of the five will be announced at the gallery next 
Thursday 12 September and the exhibition open to the public on Saturday 14 September 2002.
The five works (artists in alphabetical order) are:-

The Ambassador by BANK (Simon Bedwell and Milly Thompson working in a collective artists’ group).
Super Star Fucker – Andy Warhol Text Painting by Peter Davies, who exhibited in the Royal Academy’s Sensation exhibition in 1997.
Hoary Footman 1997 –2001 by Alan Gouk, a Scottish-based mature artist who was a John Moores prizewinner in 1967. 
Bloomsbury Square WC1 1989 by Martin Maloney, who has held one-man exhibitions in London, Milan and Cologne. 
Sepal by Paul Morrison, who was born in Liverpool. This year he was included in the Jerwood Painting Prize and held a one-man show at art dealer Asprey Jacques, London.
These paintings will be among 38 works being shown in John Moores 22 exhibition of contemporary painting at the Walker from 14 September to 8 December 2002 as part of the Liverpool Biennial. 

The three judges artists Fiona Rae and Jenny Saville and artist/writer Matthew Collings selected the exhibition and winners from over 5,000 entries. Fiona Rae, shortlisted for the Turner Prize and a Sensation exhibitor, says:-
 “We judged all the paintings anonymously; inevitably we recognise some people’s work. However, the open nature of the exhibition means everyone has a chance.”
All five winning paintings can be seen at
Regional Live Art Platform.
Guillermo Gómez-Peña
Ex-Centris (A Living Diorama of Fetish-ized Others)
Friday 13 and Saturday 14 September 6-9pm 
Admission Free (Friday admission by ticket only, available on request)

A performance installation for the Liverpool Biennial/International 2002, in collaboration with Juan Ybarra and Michelle Ceballos of Pocha Nostra, Kazuko Hohki, Ansuman Biswas and others 

Guillermo Gómez-Peña, born in Mexico and based in San Francisco, is "among the most significant of late-twentieth-century performance artists" (Village Voice), "a peacemaker in the world's culture clash" (Vanity Fair). He is a migrant provocateur whose brilliantly inventive performances have been presented world-wide. He illuminates the cultural side effects of globalisation and the way corporate multiculturalism and the media appropriate and commodify hybrid identities.

Conceived specially for Liverpool, Ex-Centris brings Gómez-Peña together with a team of performers from Mexico, Colombia, USA, India, Japan and Britain to present an interactive museum of 'living dioramas' that parody colonial practices of representation. The performers become 'inter-cultural specimens', charged symbols of cultural difference, reflecting the experiences of those hybridised orphans of the developing world who exist beyond nation states. Ex-Centris is a bizarre set design for a contemporary enactment of 'cultural pathologies', a ceremonial space for people to reflect on their attitudes toward other cultures. Prepare to be provoked!

Ex-Centris has been developed for the Liverpool Biennial in collaboration with the Live Art Development Agency and Bluecoat. It will also be presented at Tate Modern in March 2003 for LADA's Live Culture event. With thanks to Lois Keidan and Daniel Brine. See page…. for Guillermo Gómez-Peña’s performance talk in You Are Here.

You Are Here
Four days of live and time based art for the Liverpool Biennial 
18 – 21 September
Events at Bluecoat, except where indicated otherwise

Commissioned for the Biennial by the Live Art Development Agency and Bluecoat, You Are Here is conceived as a dialogue between the selected works and Guillermo Gómez-Peña's Ex-Centris project. It looks at the complexities of  contemporary identities and asks whether Internationalism is a geographical or a cultural concept.

In an intensive programme of challenging and engaging work, a diverse range of British-based, 'international' artists will contemplate, contest and critique ideas of cultural difference, displacement and hybridity. In considering questions of where 'here' is right now, the work will range from studio performances and installations to public interventions, one on one audience-artist encounters, talks and video screenings. 

Kira O'Reilly
Blood Wall Drawing Return 
18 - 21 September 
Details to be confirmed about places and times to be confirmed

The audience will see a drawing being ‘performed’ using the artist’s blood. Making gestures and actions on and with her body Kira O’Reilly investigates an ambivalent sense of ‘Irishness’, exploring cultural and personal memory. 

Guillermo Gómez-Peña 
In Defence of Performance Art
Wednesday 18 September 8pm
In this illustrated lecture Guillermo Gómez-Peña demystifies performance, re-evaluating its critical currency for a new generation of artists, as the “mainstream bizarre” effectively blurs the borders between pop culture, performance, and reality, audience and performer, marginal identities and fashionable trends. 

You Are Here Triple Performance Bill
Thursday 19 September 8pm

George Chakravarthi Great Expectations
Silke Mansholt Homage to the Heart
Qasim Riza Shaheen Conversing with Angels

Being a gay, British and Asian artist raises expectations of the exotic, and a demand by audiences to be taken on an unknown experience as a reminder of how accepting we are of difference. Great Expectations sets out to unravel these expectations and assumptions. 
Through a series of expressionistic movements to iconic music (Wagner, Bach, Schonberg and Mansholt’s own compositions), Homage to the Heart is unsettling, moving and amusing, an uncompromising exploration of identity and nationality with specific reference to German culture.
Conversing With Angels is a visual and poetic portrayal of complex issues around identity and the afterlife. At its core this dance explores the holy war that takes place between the internal and the external self and is accompanied by an installation of Shaheen’s images, 19 to 21 September.

Stacy Makishi
You are here...but where am I? 
Friday 20 and Saturday 21 September
Sites around the city centre
Time and location details: pick up a map from the Bluecoat or call 0151 709 5297

Armed with a symbolic suitcase, Makishi performs a series of playful and poignant actions in sites of departure and arrival, in response to the mythologies of Liverpool. The work is about partings and yearnings for the exotic: “For as long as I can remember, I have been dreaming of exotic places like Liverpool's Penny Lane from my tiny room in Kahuna Lane in Hawaii”.

Oreet Ashery
Say Cheese 
Friday 20 September*
Holiday Inn, Lime Street 
12noon - 3pm and 6 – 9pm 
places limited. To book a place on Marcus' bed call 0151 709 5297

Marcus Fisher, Oreet Ashery's orthodox Jewish male alter ego, invites visitors one at a time to share an intimate moment on a hotel bed. Continuing Ashery’s investigations into the politics of the body in relation to culture and location, and fuelled by touristic desire to be photographed with the 'native' or the 'celebrity', Say Cheese explores relationships between private and public and speculates on the nature of intimacy. * 7 Acts of Love, Fisher's photographic, video and text work, will be at the Bluecoat 18 - 21 September 12 noon – 6pm, where video of the hotel interactions will be screened on Saturday 21st

Suki Chan and Dinu Li 
Shadow Songs: Princess Jin and The Lady of Atropos
Saturday 21 September
12 noon – 1pm and 4 - 5pm 

Shadow Songs is performed in an installation of photographic and video images, fabrics, objects, sounds and smells. Using classical imagery and cultural cliché, traditional folk culture and modern digitisation, it features two iconic, strangely displaced figures embodying Western and Eastern cultures and mythologies, blurring distinctions between the real and the imaginary.

Mad For Real
Soya Sauce and Ketchup Fight
Saturday 21 September 2pm
Bluecoat Front Courtyard

Yuan Cai and JJ Xi, renowned for their controversial Two Artists Jump on Tracey's Bed at the 1999 Turner Prize, stage a fight using food sauces inside a glass cube outside the Bluecoat. With gestures evoking Tai Chi, they create calligraphic splurges of colour, acting out ironic actions and posturings to make a witty and absurd commentary on globalisation and the relationship between the East and West.

You Were There
Sunday 22 September (agree date) 12.00 noon

This open forum involving you and the participating artists provides an opportunity to discuss the You Are Here programme and the issues raised.

Live Art Now - A Sampler
19 - 21 September 10.30am – 5pm

A chance to see a range of recent live art compiled from the Live Art Development Agency's extensive video archive, featuring artists who are testing the limits of performance practice. 

Illustrated You Are Here brochure with full programme details and special text by Guillermo Gómez-Peña available from the Bluecoat.
Regional Live Art Platform 
Sunday 22 September 11am – 4pm
The Bluecoat recently received a Regional Arts Lottery Programme (RALP) award to develop live art. As well as including North West artists in the Biennial’s You Are Here programme, we will be supporting emergent work from the region over the next two years through an attached artists’ scheme, workshops and events. As part of this process, North West artists, working in live art, performance and time based media are being selected from an open submission, to present their work in different spaces around the building. The event will also be a regional selection platform for the 2003 National Review of Live Art.

Further details and application forms available from Cathy Butterworth. Tel: 0151 709 5297 or email:-

Project supported by North West Arts Board through the Regional Arts Lottery Programme.

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