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Southport Reporter

Edition No. 82

Date:- 10 January 2003

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Lost In The System, Lost Interview!
Report by Dominic Bonner

JUST to say sorry, this article had to be put on hold due to illness and it got lost over Christmas.  Well here it is.....  enjoy!

IT would seem to most of us at this time of year, our hearts and minds are set on traveling to new boundaries, recovering from post festive syndrome and Christmas credit card euphoria. However, in times such as these, the welcome fresh air of optimism from a band with an odd name and a determined agenda to carry us through our gloom is a great substitute for post festive cheer.

It is a cold Sunday evening in Maghull. I am uncharacteristically late to interview 'Lost' in the Bar de Fey. Only to find the members of the Ormskirk based five piece rock band laughing among themselves, whilst rigging up for one of their warm up new year gigs.

I introduce myself and we all settle down with the customary alcoholic aperitif, leading into the dreaded question - which they have heard thousands of times before, why did you call yourselves 'Lost'? Immediately Jonny Le Bong sighs,"Oh no", but then Stuart takes a more positive approach to explain, 'The Beatles may have sounded stupid in the beginning, but it's only when you think about them they become great. Whatever you think, it's the band that makes the name.'

It would seem that question for any other band would establish the tone for the rest of the interview. But not this time, indeed everything I ask from thereon in, I encounter with laughter and surprise. 

Despite a full UK tour, their name has not reached the star-studded screens of the audience it demands - yet. The evolvement of music and it's many precedent genre's that reach the minds of the public with its challenges, are a difficult subject to gauge, so what makes them so special? The answer lies in their relentless pursuit of recognition of their work. 

The recording of their second album 'Hold on' was one that took many twists and turns. They had prepared for twelve months for the recording of it, with many sessions and outtakes. But from nowhere they managed to acquire the services of Maverick's producer, Ethan 'Big Guild' Allen Jones - an obvious ingredient to rubber stamp success for any band. But there was still time for frivolity, 'During recording the album, we all gave each other Viking names, it was a barrel of laughs. It was a time of intense pressure, we were not ready to record and there were arguments and groans. But the gradual process meant we enjoyed it in the end', explains Bong.
"Indeed it was a time of trial for us all, but it was a learning curve all the same,"
adds Rob.

Lost's history has been one of mixed fortunes. Their first drummer left to pursue other interests. Their combination of sixties and eighties influences leaves a question mark as to how they arrived at the mid-nineties Australian sound mixed with the introspective love songs that they maintain. And a long since forgotten appearance on Granada's Stars in their eyes, each ending leaves a yearning for more.
However, there is an interesting dynamic of personality's presents itself within the band. Bong is the band's Socrates, Ian is the ironic reticent lead singer, and drummer Mick appears to be the observer, Rob simply exudes confidence yet guitarist Stuart appears to be 'the' accomplished motor mouth. It is a strange collusion of people bent on making their own fate. 

But this recipe is no more or less ironic, when you find that there is not one person that leads them, it is a unified effort - the unique engine of songwriting talent, which finds itself at the forefront of Southport's rock scene and its future. And there is no surprise that they have already encounter notoriety and fame with and without their own circle. 

Back in the day, Bong was lucky enough to court the likes of Space who were kind enough to help them along their way. In fact, such a contact was to lead them supporting the Inspiral Carpets in Manchester earlier in their career. But a chance meeting with Kylie Minogue at Reading festival when a journalist asked 
Bong to spy on Kylie Minogue in a restricted beer tent, "I went into the tent originally to get someone a drink from back stage and there she was.................. ........ (Kylie),

playing pool with 4 big looking body guards, she looked gorgeous, I was gob smacked." Indeed such highs and lows have left them more relaxed about the music industry. But the one thing that has seen them all through their trials has been determination. No mistake can be made in the sense of their purpose is not about to be deflected by the simple obstacle of 'money' in accomplishing their dream - Despite the lack of a record contract. "There is a song we did on the last album which explains our feelings towards our plight, but we are ok with what's going on ", says Mick.

Some bands fade away after their first single, to record an album is an accolade in itself when self financed. Their four-year marriage as it would seem only to enhance their strengths. Indeed Lost are even prepared to go it alone for their next project also, "Ethan is begging us to begin our next album, but we have a tour of Germany in March to consider first. The songs are written but the lack of finance is the major problem to when we produce the next album" says Stuart. "But it's not all work and touring. Their renowned love of computer games is relentless. Even recounting their first gig at a police station, at a surprise do expecting an Elvis cabaret band, were left incensed by the bands presence", "How wrong they were, we played two songs and then we were asked to leave", Ian laughs. 

But it is their more intimate thoughts about to their more personal side and the question of their most desired women in their lives that they decidedly disagree and sometimes, even wobble.
Bong:- "Did I mention my mother?" (Because he would not have to buy her Christmas presents in future) or "Jessica Rabbit from who killed Roger Rabbit" (because he cannot have her and she is not real) and finally, "Did I say my girlfriend?"
Rest:- "Aww man, you have to say Kylie Minogue," they laugh.

Soon enough the interview turns back to frustration at not being given the opportunity to prove themselves. In spite their track record, a reasonable amount of commercial sales and proven following, Stuart still feels there is much for Lost to prove. 

But their relentless knocking on the door of success leaves no question mark over their dedication and paves a bright road for their future.

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