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Southport Reporter

Edition No. 82

Date:- 10 January 2003

It is Started....

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Report by Eric Lyon-Taylor and Photographs by Patrick Trollope.
This is a TOY gun used for stage and film work!
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If people got more familiar with guns and learn to respect a firearm, then we may not have this rise in gun crime. Education is where we should be looking to decrease the romantic notion of guns as giving the user power over others. This is the wrong attitude. Guns don't kill people, people kill people.  More people every year die in car accidents than through guns, do we see 
anyone calling for a ban on cars, no because no-one is terrified of a car, everyone has one or at least has been in one, and can see it is only a machine, this is how it should be with guns.

Our laws involving the possession and use of firearms are the strictest in the world, so surely we need to look elsewhere for our solutions to this thorny problem. The Swiss teach all able bodied persons how to use a firearm, and in fact expect them to keep one in the house, and they have the lowest armed crime rate in the world. 

Maybe we need to address the ability to defend oneself and your own property after all I think if a burglar thought you might be armed in your home and he would be shot for trespassing or harming your people then he might think twice about breaking in to your home. Jack Straw wanted more have-a-go-heroes but didn't change the law to make it harder for you to be prosecuted for manslaughter if you had to hurt someone. The answer whatever it will be will have to reached with some rationality and logic, not emotions and vote winning. This will affect a lot of people either way, the people who sell these things and the people who collect them, the theatres that use them as props and films for that matter. 

MISSING!  CAN YOU HELP?  Police Concerned

MERSEYSIDE Police are concerned to the well being of 15 year old Victoria McFetters. She has been missing from her home in Felmersham Ave. L13. Now since 16th November 2002 and is described as 5ft 6", slim, blond hair, blue eyes. Several sightings have been reported and she was last seen in Norris Green, Liverpool. If you know the whereabouts or think you have seen her please contact the police on 0151 777 4552.

the Picket, Listings... 2003!

The Picket Venue in Liverpool is holding the following nights/gigs.


Friday 17:-  Qubis/Santa Carla/The Max Tones
Saturday 18:- Carbon Atom/Carlton Breezy/Head of John
Friday 24:- The Shyne/Liquid Nerve/Xebra
Friday 31:- Pool Reflections Showcase
24 Hardman Street L1 9AX  Doors open 8:30pm Unless stated with LATE BAR!
Tel:- 0151 708 5318


Friday:- Ultramagnus/Leroy/Boweevil
Thursday:- Shiva/Private Universal
Friday:- Troubadour/Bobhowlaha/The Shining Hours
Saturday:- Tokyo Adventures/Adam/Ophelia
Monday 17:- Liverpool Now/Dry Bar
Tuesday 18:- Liverpool Now/Dry Bar
Wednesday 19:- Liverpool Now/Dry Bar
Thursday 20:- Liverpool Now/Dry Bar
Friday 21:- Chione/Lunar Maroon
Thursday 27 Illusion/Flagsmasher
Friday 28:- The Score and guests.

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