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Southport Reporter

Edition No. 85

Date:- 31 January 2003

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A show of true grit
Liquid Nerve
Live at the Picket January 24
Review by Dominic Bonner.

BANDS with guitar, drums and bass are often a recipe for a stage set which proves to be feisty and inciteful. Evidence to the contrary with Liquid Nerve and their stage performance would be verging close to libel.

The Liverpool music scene appears to contain many hidden talents. None more obvious as Liquid nerve, with their Manic Street Preachers heart on sleeve style of raw raunchy guitar and strong performance. It seems criminal their career is not at the heightened stage they deserve.

Their seven-track set kicked off with ‘3.2’, which set the tone of what seemingly would be a case of yet another guitar band thrashing about with moaning lyrics of teenage angst. 

But again there lay the rub. This band shows true depth with the seduction of somewhat poignant lyrics akin to superb Maynard from A Perfect Circle. Liquid Nerve is verging on pure genius and it seems likely their road to success will come to an end in the not too distant future. 

Often there were tinges of waltz time mixed with pure punk, defining a hard edge to their stage act as they progressed with songs such as Wake up call and Get Fresh. But it seems confounding in that such seduction could contain the dichotomy of charm and spurn within the same pulse of a thought. 

Such pure punk and ambivalence should not be missed if future stage opportunities arise to see them again, and it is easy to see why their following remain so loyal.

Games Zone!

Private Nurse
Review By Dominic Bonner

HENTAI is a strange and wonderful world that is the essence of Japanese illustrative comic art. But when translated to a game, the plot becomes totally obscured and lost.

Your role as Hiroki Rikido, a very ill teenager whose mother has hired a private nurse known as Maria to nurture him to recovery entails the beginning of this rather strange tale. 

Maria undertakes this rather ungainly task against the odds. She is to complete it within one month with Hiroki being the angst-ridden teenager bent on sarcastic and humourous dialogue, set with the irony of a teenage love story. 

It is a rather curious concept for a game. Yet this two-dimensional animation is purely a fine pictorial piece of comic art and nothing more. The translation of Japanese to English (subtitled) may also be a good source of learning for students of the language. But beyond this, there is little to entice a gamer to pursue this release – The endless clicking from screen to screen throughout tries even the most patient of saints. 

Although this game may show authentic Japanese artwork, it is certainly a game certainly destined for the bin.

Rating out of 5 stars:- 

0 = Beyond awful.

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