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Issue:- Monday, 27 June 2016

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...Continued... Adding:- "Shockingly, a cabal of pro-EU voices are seeking to undermine the referendum decision in utter contempt of the people who voted. This should worry everyone, whatever way they voted. A rejection of the will of the people by the unelected and unrepresentative is taking place in an orchestrated challenge to our very notion of democratic accountability. During the referendum the concerns and interests of the majority of the people was continually challenged by citing 'experts'. The fact that most of these had vested interests in the EU was conveniently ignored. Now we are faced with legions of legal and other 'experts' not just telling us how stupid we were as a people to vote the way we did, but that the issue is ever so complicated and shouldn't now be implemented. Some MPs are quite happy to be elected by an intelligent electorate, but if those who elect them then disagree with them, they are dismissed as stupid. We are witnessing a fear of the democracy of the people emerging. The majority in both Houses of Parliament who disagree with the people's verdict are organising against us and their friends in unelected positions in the banks and the media and law firms are only too pleased to assist. Their actions are profoundly worrying for the rest of us. In trade union democracy at its best you debate and decide. If the decision is reached by a 50% plus 1 majority, 100% of the members implement and support the policy. As anti democratic forces mobilise to undermine the people's referendum decision, this should be seen as a good guiding principle."

With a population over median age in the United Kingdom at 40.1 years, the UK's population ageing is seen as 1 of the greatest challenges facing the UK, in the future. With a declining birth rate of UK Nationals, according to the Office of National Statistics, the worry is that we will not have enough young people to fund pension schemes and medical care very soon, unless this is addressed. One way is to use immigration to boost up the numbers of young people. This will leave the UK Government in a very problematic situation, as we become more and more xenophobic, as shown by some of the worries that have been acted on, in the referendum. This low number of births has prompted a succession of experts to warning of a 'population crisis' looming by 2025. Being in or out of the EU will not make a huge difference directly, but indirectly, this might have a very heavy impact on our retirement. Oddly, Germany is facing a worse problem, if these statistics are to be taken as fact.

According to the British Social Attitudes, almost 50% of the population believe immigration has a negative impact on the British economy. Now sadly post - EU Referendum, the nation as been hearing growing incidents of racist abuse being reported to the UK Police, nationally; partly down to a massive increase in anti immigration rhetoric used by the 'Out' campaign. One man who was filmed by Channel 4 News, in Barnsley, admitted on camera that he voted to leave in order:- "to stop Muslims coming into the EU." He then added in the TV interview that:- "It's all about immigration. It's not about trade or Europe or anything like that, it's all about immigration. It's to stop Muslims coming into this country. Simple as that!" Part of this has been flagged up by national media as an issue that was re-enforced by Farage's "morally wrong" poster, which used:- "angry nationalism" to try to win the referendum. The poster was condemned by politicians on both sides of the referendum debate, with Vote Leave's Michael Gove even saying that:- "I shuddered" when he saw the image.

With all the political back stabbing and self interest voting in the EU by both parties, should the EU nations see they had a role in this result as well? It's sadly not just the UK who feel divided, as the pressure grows. This could be the golden opportunity to re-build (If the EU stops the:- "Get out now" tone...) and also it could just well be in the long term, just what the doctor ordered for the UK.

If we go ahead with Article 50, it's ironic that on the Anniversary of the end of the 1st World War, in 2018, the UK could see it destroyed by itself, due to misinformation given on all sides. The mistrust and xenophobia that the UK is feeling now must be addressed by all nations. This is a wake up call to all. The political climate of old must be changed, as it is failing on a catastrophic scale. Let's hope the EU Nations see this as opportunity and help the UK and not let us fall. The UK is in its hour of need, and like any suicidal person, the nation needs support not more rhetoric, which has led us to this situation.

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett has called for a General Election in November to select a Government to lead Britain into a decision on its future relationship with the European Union. The leader of the Green Party, who campaigned for Britain to remain a member of the EU, is calling for a period of calm and reflection.

Bennett said:- "What we need is calm and time for reflection, not knee-jerk reactions. Despite the imperative of the ½ hour Twitter news cycle, and the pressure to take definitive steps, what we really need is time for what's happened to sink in, and then sober consideration of what comes next. It is critically important that we resist pressure to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty, from European states and institutions and the financial markets. This is something we must not be bounced into. It is legally our decision, and one we can put off until the people's wishes are clearer, until we've cleaned up our democracy. Before negotiations start, we need to know what we're asking for. That has to mean a General Election; that's the only way we can reach a mandate on a way forward. We'd have a minimum period of months (the earliest practical date would be early November) to debate, discuss, inform voters, who'll then be able to weigh up the offers by various parties."

Bennett continued:- "Dissatisfaction with the status quo in this election is clearly closely related to the failures of our current electoral system, which disenfranchises the majority, who don't get the representation they want. We need an election to deliver a way forward for Britain; and a fair voting system to deliver a government that truly reflects, and delivers on, the will of the people. That's why progressives must now consider working together for our best chance of success in any coming election. Any sort of pact must be based on an agreement to implement a fairer voting system. What we need above all is for a chance for the people to decide, after a full, honest, open debate. To deliver that, we need a people's Government, not the tottering 19th Century structure we have now."

Has the result unleashed a Pandora's box of financial hardships, restricted movement and opportunities for UK citizens, bigotry and Islamophobia? Is this just a passing phase that will soon charm down? What are your views? Will we leave on good standing? Was this vote a dangerous political move or a good move? Please let us know your thoughts....

No matter who is at fault or who vote what, we need to now work together and sort this mess we, as a nation have created. Let's put the Great back in the Great Brittan and show we are not what many Europeans appear to be seeing us as. One quote from German press said we are:- "a nation of racist, self cantered, foolish morons!" after seeing some of our comments in the media following the vote.

Fact file:- United Kingdom population is equivalent to 0.88% of the total world population. The current population of the United Kingdom is 65,106,704 as of Monday, June 27, 2016, based on the latest United Nations estimates. So that means that it was around 26% of the population voted to take us out of the EU. Also interestingly just 2.27% of England is built up area. This means almost 98% of our green and pleasant land remains that way… But shockingly, more than ½ of the UK's food and feed now comes from overseas! This will means food prices will likely increase as a result.

5 very likely worse case predictions...

Falklands and Channel Irelands will be lost, as will Gibraltar by 2025.

By 2030 UK will be no-more, should Scotland lose out and a referendum is held on it leaving the UK.

English will no longer be the main language of business, science or diplomacy.

By 2035/2040, England will be forced to re-enter the EU under very strict controls, as a second class nation.

We lose our place at the World Security Council and as a leading member of NATO.

Only time will tell how true these speculations will be. It also depends on how willing the nation is to unite and move forward.

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