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Publication date:- 2017-02-17

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Research reveals that the average Brit wakes up 3 times in the night

AH, drifting off to sleep… that wonderful feeling where you're drowsy, cosy, and looking forward to a good 8 hours of shuteye, ready to rise, refreshed, the next morning and take on whatever the day has to throw at you! For some lucky people, this is their sleep pattern, every night. But more of us than you might imagine suffer from disturbed sleep, waking up in the night once, twice, or more.

Mattress company Tweak Mattress carried out a survey of 2000 British adults, to find out how well we actually sleep at night, and made some interesting discoveries.

Firstly, they found that the average Brit wakes up nearly 3 times (2.8) a night. And 11% of us fare even worse, waking up between 7 and 10 times a night. None of this is conducive to a restful night, so it's no wonder we're tired, and therefore stressed, the next day.

The reasons we wake up during the night vary, however. For 47% of us, it's needing the loo. This, obviously, happens more often if we've had liquids before going to bed, and functions as nature's own little alarm clock. Unfortunately, it usually goes off around 3am… Secondly, 19% of us are woken up by discomfort, or from pain from a bad back. Then 17% of us are disturbed by our partner; mainly from snoring; which is as good excuse for separate bedrooms (or even houses!) as any. Bad dreams or nightmares affect 11% us, who wake up sweating about the bogeyman under the bed. And plain old anxiety; worrying about the next day at work, about bills, about relationships, about waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep; affects 6% of us.

Back to our partners (well, it's good to have someone else to blame for these things), and again, snoring is the main reason they keep us awake at night, with 41% of us fed up of having to poke them till they turn over. A quarter of us wake up to find ourselves occupying a sliver of space on the edge of the bed, about to fall off, as our partners have managed to conquer our side as well as theirs in the middle of the night…Tossing and turning affects 10.5% of us too, 10% of us have to put up with our partner talking, or making other weird noises, in their sleep, and another 10% of us are woken up by our partner looking at their phone; no matter what manufacturers say, the light that emits from them at night is still enough to wake people up. And 4.6% of us are woken by a partner who is (highly inconsiderately) watching TV or reading.

Leading Psychologist Robert Stewart added:- "There are two main reasons our sleep is good or poor and these are our sleep hygiene and our sleep cycles. Sleep hygiene relates to our 'before bed' routine. Not drinking or eating a lot, choosing the same time to sleep each night, and not looking at phones, laptops or TV in bed to name a few. Getting these right should help in getting you off to sleep, but more importantly, there are the sleep cycles you go through. A person will go through 5 stages of sleep in a night and each of these vary in depth. Stage 5 or rapid eye movement (REM) stage is the lightest stage of sleep and this is where people are most likely to stir. Whilst we cannot control this, the surrounding environment, such as a partner snoring, other noise or discomfort, will impact on whether we return to sleep smoothly or are awoken. So to drift back to sleep seamlessly and without disturbance, ensure you have the best environment to aid this, whether it be earplugs or a comfortable mattress."

But you can increase your chances of not waking up in the night by having a good mattress, to start with!

Please email us your views on this. Do you agree with Tweak Mattress findings?

Public transport app encourages commuters to stay Pollution Aware as they travel

MOOVIT, the world's #1 transport app, has added a timely new feature for commuters in the UK to be pollution aware during their travels. When planning journeys on public transport, Moovit users can now check the levels of air pollution on their route in the app, thanks to a partnership with Clean Space by Drayson Technologies.

In addition to accessing air pollution information for their chosen public transport route, Moovit users can also request to be equipped with Clean Space Tags, personal air pollution smart sensors designed by Drayson Technologies, in order to collect hyper local air pollution data as they travel in and around their Cities.

The Moovit community members equipped with Clean Space Tags will crowd source air pollution data wherever they are, helping to build a global map of air pollution. Members can register for their Clean Space Tags online.

The news comes as the UK is issued with an official warning by the EU regarding rising pollution levels that saw nitrogen dioxide limits repeatedly exceeded in 16 areas including London, Birmingham, Leeds, and Glasgow. An additional damning survey undertaken by Surrey University demonstrated public transport users are exposed to a much higher level of pollution than car drivers. Tube users are in fact are exposed to eight times more pollution levels than those driving to work.

Moovit Vice President of Product Yovav Meydad, said:- "It is essential that commuters have easy access to information that plays a direct part in their overall health and wellbeing. Clean Space is an incredibly smart network that allows Moovit users to be pollution aware by tracking the pollution levels along their journey anywhere in the UK. The community is also able to contribute to this huge network, mapping air pollution levels across the country, and by carrying a Clean Space smart sensor they are effectively providing a constant data source to help us track where pollutions levels are high."

Lord Paul Drayson, Chairman and CEO, Drayson Technologies, said:- "Drayson Technologies and Moovit are 2 forward thinking organisations that recognise how technology can improve our lives. With this partnership, we're combining two areas of innovative technology, crowd sourced journey planning data and an Internet of Things sensor network, to build information for the benefit of the wider public. Air pollution is a global issue but through the provision of accurate data, we can help improve air quality across the globe."

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