Emergancy COVID-19 Notices for the Liverpool City Region - 2020-04-27

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AS This page is to place quick update important notices that are being sent to us from Government and other organisations over the Coronavirus Emergency affecting our country (UK)...  Please remember that the information changes quickly, so always check to see what time and when the last post was made.  We will update as and when we can...  Users of our Formby Reporter's Free Email Service will get most updates 1st and then they will be added on here as soon as we can...  If you have any updates to send in or any views on the posts on here, please email us to:- News24@SouthportReporter.Com.

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This page last updated on 27 April 2020

LGA Responding to a Care England report findings

RESPONDING to a Care England report on provider funding, Cllr Ian Hudspeth, Chairman of the Local Government Association's Community Wellbeing Board, said:- "Social care is now the frontline in the fight against Coronavirus and making sure older and disabled people are safe and continue to receive essential care and support is Councils' top priority, as is the safety of those who work with them. As the focus shifts from Hospitals to Social Care we need to do all we can to shield people in care homes and those receiving care in their own homes. We recognise the challenges and additional costs that social care providers face in delivering services at this difficult time. Councils are already taking action to support providers in meeting the additional costs that they face locally and in managing cash flow challenges. Councils are also pressing Government to try and secure much needed PPE for care providers and to ensure easy access to testing for residents of care homes, those supported in their own homes and care workers. Nobody can say for certain how this situation will develop and what further resources may be needed. The LGA / ADASS statement published earlier this month suggests that Councils and providers will need to continue to work closely together to ensure that resources are available, to allow services to continue in this challenging environment. The ₤3.2 billion funding that Government has made available to Councils to help with additional costs arising as a result of COVID-19 is much needed. However, there are many and growing calls on this funding across the full range of Council services and additional resources will be needed to allow Councils to continue to support social care and other services."

City marks International Workers' Memorial Day

FLAGS will be lowered to ½ mast on Liverpool's Civic Buildings, on Tuesday, 28 April 2020, to mark International Workers' Memorial Day. The annual day is an opportunity for the city to remember people who have been killed or seriously injured whilst at work and is backed by the TUC and its affiliated trade unions. This year, workers who have been taken by Covid-19 will also be remembered.

Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson said:- "International Workers' Memorial Day is always a poignant day, not just in Liverpool, but all across the world as we take a moment to remember people whose lives have been profoundly affected or taken from them whilst at work. This year we find ourselves in extraordinary circumstances. IWMD will also be a chance for us to take a moment to thank all the workers who for the last few weeks have been battling to keep the country running, keep us safe, and keep our loved ones alive. The pandemic will have an effect on many, many workers in our City and I would urge everyone to take a minute, at 11am, to reflect on their sacrifices and be thankful for their passion and skills."

Flags will be lowered to ½ mast on Liverpool Town Hall, St George's Hall and on the Cunard Building, at 11am and a minute's silence will also be held along with the Cities Bells ringing out 11 times. Staff at Liverpool City Council are being encouraged to mark the minute's silence to remember their colleague Carol Challoner, of the leaving care team, who passed away last week, from Covid-19. Colleagues in partner organisations including the NHS and emergency services who have lost their lives in the pandemic, will also be remembered..

Digital solution to support youngsters in care during Covid-19

A Liverpool firm has secured funding to develop a digital solution to support young people's mental health during the Covid-19 crisis. Chanua Ltd was 1 of 18 selected from more than 1,600 businesses throughout the UK which applied to receive funding from the NHSX TechForce19 Challenge. NHSX challenged businesses to develop digital innovations to help vulnerable and isolated people at home during the Coronavirus outbreak. Chanua is based at Liverpool Science Park and provides programmes to help young people, including:- Neuro Champions, which uses games and technology to teach young people about how their brains work. Their latest innovation is Neuro Love, an online platform to help young people in care to manage anxiety and low mood while staying connected socially. The NeuroLove.Org website enables young people to book 1 to 1 sessions to chat directly with mentors and therapists and reduce feelings of loneliness. It also features resources and tips to help youngsters manage their emotional and mental health, from group therapy and creative classes to fitness and relaxation exercises. The company has been supported by the Innovation Agency, the Academic Health Science Network, for the North West Coast, which helps businesses with products which improve healthcare. Chanua has been working with:- 'Liverpool City Council Virtual Schools Head' and 'Targeted Services for Young People Team' on a solution for supporting isolated young people who are living in care or being supported by a child protection plan; and the funding from Techforce19 will accelerate its development.

Chanua Chief Executive Naomi Mwasambili said:- "Young people in care are often not provided the support and love they need and deserve. Some staff work tirelessly to provide them with the nurturing they deserve but often this can fall short. Pre-lockdown, we approached our collaborators as we felt that there was an imminent situation that needed a solution. The TechForce19 fund allows us to develop this further and evaluate it more robustly. We are really happy, we have been working in this area for years and we are used to rapid turnaround and agile working, so the opportunity to create something that can have a positive impact on young people and be part of a rapid innovation process is fantastic."

Chanua will receive ₤25,000 plus support from the Innovation Agency to launch the new website.

Naomi added:- "This will allow us to deploy across the Liverpool City Region and beyond and monitor how it is being used. We hope that this will allow us to support more people to improve their mental and physical wellbeing. We aim to be part of a world that uses technology to facilitate human connections and learning, not replaces it."

Lorna Green, Director of Enterprise and Growth at the Innovation Agency, said:- "The TechForce19 challenge has harnessed some of the incredible talent we have in our tech sector to help the most vulnerable during these difficult times. Neuro Love is a brilliant platform which gives young people the tools they need to look after their mental health and stay connected during isolation. Our Commercial Team is delighted to support Chanua Ltd to pilot and deploy this digital solution to the youngsters who need it most in Merseyside."

Read the full list of funded innovations here.

MFRS warns of the dangers of smoking following fatal fire in Southport

MERSEYSIDE Fire and Rescue Service (MFRS) is warning of the dangers of smoking in the home following the tragic death of a woman in a fire in Southport, at the weekend. The fire occurred at a flat on the Promenade, on the morning of Sunday, 26 April 2020. Crews were alerted at 5.10am and on scene at 5.14am, arriving within 4 minutes. Sadly, firefighters found the body of a 62 year old woman, in a flat, on the ground floor. A joint investigation between MFRS and Merseyside Police has been carried out and determined the fire started in the living room of the flat. Initial investigations indicate the fire was accidental and caused by a cigarette. No one else was injured in the incident. Firefighters and prevention staff from MFRS will now go out into the community around the Promenade to reassure residents, leafleting properties and offering vital fire safety advice on the doorstep.

Mark Thomas, Group Manager for Prevention at MFRS, said:- "This was a tragic incident and, as with every house fire, one which could have been avoided. Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the lady at this time. We would urge residents across Merseyside to ensure that they have smoke alarms installed in their homes; at least 1 on every level; and that they are tested regularly. We would also like to make a plea to smokers to make sure they are aware of the dangers that smoking in the home can cause. Initially, it appears that the incident was as a result of a cigarette. In 2019, 10.5% of all accidental house fires in Merseyside were smoking related and in fact, smoking remains the biggest killer in accidental home fires nationally. We understand that times are difficult and members of our community are spending much more time in the home now as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 measures. Now, more than ever, we all need to work together to keep each other safe and this includes practicing fire safety in the home. If you do smoke, please make sure you do so safely. Never smoke in bed and take extra care when you're tired; it's very easy to fall asleep while your cigarette is still burning and it could easily set furniture alight, and please do not smoke when under the influence of drugs or alcohol. And remember, make sure your cigarette is fully extinguished; put it out, right out."

These simple steps can help prevent cigarette and e-cigarette fires in the home:-

►  Never smoke in bed. Take care when you're tired; it's very easy to fall asleep while your cigarette is still burning and it could easily set furniture alight.

►  Never smoke when under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If your lit cigarette starts a fire you could be less able to escape.

►  Put it Out, Right Out! Make sure your cigarette is fully extinguished.

►  Never leave lit cigarettes, cigars or pipes unattended; they can easily overbalance as they burn down.

►  Use a proper, heavy ashtray that can't tip over easily and is made of a material that won't burn. Never use a wastepaper basket to dispose of a cigarette butt.

►  Keep matches out of children's reach.

►  Never leave e-cigarettes on charge unattended for long periods of time.

►  Do not mix components of different e-cigarettes.

►  Only use the charger supplied with your device.

►  Ensure you purchase your e-cigarette and charger from a reputable source and check the e-cigarette carries CE certification.

►  Fit a smoke alarm on every level of your home and test it weekly. Working smoke alarms can buy you valuable time to get out, stay out and call:- 999.

►  Consider installing additional smoke alarms in rooms with electrical appliances or sleeping areas.

Total UK cases COVID-19 cases - update for Liverpool City Region and surroundings

AS the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, returned to work we heard that of those hospitalised within the UK, who had confirmed positive COVID-19 infections, we have seen the number of fatalities clime by 360 bringing the overall total to 21,09  according to the the Department of Health. Overall, within the UK we are now seeing the trend of those being reported to have contracted the virus flattening or slightly down in terms of Hospital laboratory confirmed cases. Total number of lab-confirmed UK cases stands at:- 157,149. This number now includes tests carried out by commercial partners which are not included in the 4 National totals, with 4,310 new lab-confirmed UK cases being reported today.  Overall the numbers might look better, but we are not out of the woods yet, so as a nation we must continue with social distancing measures, in order to continue to reduce the transmission of COVID-19, or risk a second wave. Sadly, 82 NHS staff have been reported to have died from COVID-19 infections. Within England we now have a total of:- 112,467 cases and 18,748 deaths. Scotland has 10,521 cases and 1,249 COVID-19 deaths. Wales, 9,280 cases and 796 deaths. Northern Ireland has had 3,374 cases to date, with 299 deaths. Current confirmed cases within the following Local Authorities, in and round the Liverpool City Region are as follows:-

► Liverpool, 1,333 confirmed cases.

► Sefton, 746 confirmed cases.

► Wirral, 944 confirmed cases.

► St. Helens, 596 confirmed cases.

► Halton, 301 confirmed cases.

► Lancashire, 2,585 confirmed cases.

► Cheshire West and Chester, 725 confirmed cases.

► Cheshire East, 782 confirmed cases.

► Manchester, 1,011 confirmed cases.

► Stockport, 765 confirmed cases.

► Trafford, 553 confirmed cases.

► Wigan, 580 confirmed cases.

► Warrington, 558 confirmed cases.

► Bolton, 711 confirmed cases.

► Rochdale, 3 confirmed cases.

► Bury, 425 confirmed cases.

► Tameside, 430 confirmed cases.

► Oldham, 570 confirmed cases.

► Blackburn with Darwen, 289 confirmed cases.

These stats are according to Public Health England as of 27/04/2020. UK total includes cases detected through:- "Pillar 2" testing (tests carried out by commercial partners) and therefore does not equate to the sum of the 4 countries' counts, which only include:- "Pillar 1" (tests carried out by NHS / PHE / Devolved Administration Labs).

UK Government Coronavirus Press Conference on 27 April 2020


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