Emergancy COVID-19 Notices for the Liverpool City Region - 2020-05-28

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AS This page is to place quick update important notices that are being sent to us from Government and other organisations over the Coronavirus Emergency affecting our country (UK)...  Please remember that the information changes quickly, so always check to see what time and when the last post was made.  We will update as and when we can...  Users of our Formby Reporter's Free Email Service will get most updates 1st and then they will be added on here as soon as we can...  If you have any updates to send in or any views on the posts on here, please email us to:- News24@SouthportReporter.Com.

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This page last updated on 28 May 2020

Day trippers parking and having BBQ's on the beach

RESIDENTS are getting increasingly upset about cars driving down the beach in Southport, with reports of some even reported to be doing donuts. We did not see the donuts, but we have got photos and videos of the cars using the shrimper access road to gain access to the beach, and a car parked up having a barbecue in the dune formation area. A few locals who talked to us about the issue said:- "Lack of parking is a major problem. But people are even having barbecue. A Council worker did ask a chap to put our a fire that was light, but was also being asked to stop the parking. They are overloaded.  We have even seen people doing donuts and quad bikes racing down the beach, nearly hitting people!  I dread to think what will happen overt the weekend when the heat wave hits!  We need special powers given to the Rangers to help fine people who do this, or more Police. We also need more signs saying do not use BBQ's on the beach, but doubt that would help as they have ignored the notice about driving out."  If you think it is a good idea, it is worth mentioning that should your car gets stuck or damaged, your insurer may not payout, plus you risk being prosecuted under a wide range of laws, including:- Coastal Byelaws, the Road traffic act and Police Reform Act, as warned on the notice they have all driven past! Not only that, the vehicles can also be confiscated and you can be also be fined under environmental protection laws, along with wildlife protection laws. So is it worth the risk? But if that is not a deterrent, its also worth adding that, all beaches in the UK are classed as 'private' (between high/low tide marks it is still the Crown Estates) and other laws can then be used to prosecute you... Please email us at:- News24@SouthportReporter.Com with your thoughts on this issue.






Formby Pinewoords hit by fire yet again

MERSEYSIDE Fire and Rescue Service urging the public to be particularly careful during the current hot weather after an increase in the number of grass fires. Since lockdown started to ease off, Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service has attended a large number of grass fires, many of which are believed to have been caused as a result of careless actions, including the improper use of barbecues and camp fires left unattended.

A resent large fire in Formby Pinewoods yesterday has caused extensive damage to an area approximately 150m x 150m. Firefighters tackled the fire until 9.45pm, on 27 May 2020, fire breaks were put in place overnight as the area continued to smoke. Crews have returned this morning to assess the incident and continue activities.

Fires and barbecues are banned from being used on the beach, dunes and in the Pinewoods, yet public are taking no notice!

The latest large fire came days after a similar fire in Ainsdale Pinewoods, which had been caused by an unattended campfire, and just weeks after a large fire on Ainsdale Beach’s sand dunes that hit the TV news!

There have also been smaller fires across Merseyside, including:- Bidston Hill in Wirral, Crosby Beach’s Sand Dunes and the Bold Moss in St Helens. All of these fires had the potential to spread quickly had they not been spotted by passers by.

MFRS has seen a rise in incidents involving grass and trees in recent weeks as changes in the Government’s Coronavirus Guidance has seen people flock to our local beauty spots.

Whilst a number of these fires are believed to have started accidentally as a result of careless behaviour, others are believed to have been started deliberately. In these instances, MFRS is urging parents to discuss the very serious consequences of arson with their children.

In addition to this, there are a number of ways people can reduce the risk of grassland and woodland fires:-

Ensure cigarettes are extinguished correctly and cannot reignite.

Do not throw cigarette ends on the ground or out of car windows.

Take your litter home with you!

Don’t leave bottles or glass in woodland; sunlight shining through glass can start fires (take them home and recycle them)

Do not light fires or barbecues in open countryside or woodland; only use barbecues in a suitable and safe area and NEVER leave them unattended. Remember, barbecues are not allowed on beaches.

If you see a fire, report it to the fire and rescue service immediately by calling:- 999 and give the nearest main road that the fire appliance can access. Apps like What3Words can help to give a more accurate location.

Don’t attempt to tackle fires yourself; leave the area as quickly as possible.

MFRS will be working closely with partner agencies this weekend, with Street Intervention Teams set to be deployed in Sefton to engage and educate people to make the public and community safer.

Station Manager Lauren Woodward said: "We understand that people want to enjoy the current spell of nice weather, but this needs to be done in a way that doesn’t create risks of fire. We have seen a significant increase in our attendance to grass fires in recent weeks. Not only do they cause extensive damage to our natural environment and public amenities, but they also take crews away from dealing with other potentially life threatening incidents. We would urge the public to be especially careful in the hot weather and make sure they dispose of their rubbish, cigarettes and barbecues safe. People should not be lighting fires or barbecues in woodland, on our beaches or in open countryside and they definitely should not be leaving these fires unattended. We would also like to remind people, particularly parents, that deliberately setting a fire is arson. Deliberate fires and investigated. Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service’s Arson Team will be working with Merseyside Police, Local Authorities and other partner agencies to identify offenders. Please speak to your children about the very real consequences of arson for them and others."

Southport M&S colleague returns help to NHS after recovering from Covid-19

AFTER contracting Covid-19 and being hospitalised for over a week, a Southport M&S colleague and NHS volunteer Sue has made a full recovery and returned to work at her local Hospital this week. Sue has been volunteering in the pharmacy department at Southport Hospital since August and is currently on furlough from her role in the Clothing and Home department at M&S Southport. Sue's role is to help deliver vital medication to wards and other departments in the Hospital; a service which facilitates quicker discharges for patients and frees up much needed time for the pharmacists and other staff. In the face of the Coronavirus pandemic, Sue realised her support at the Hospital was more vital than ever; which is why in mid-March she asked M&S if she could work her contracted hours at the Hospital instead of in the store. This was before the Government announced its Coronavirus job retention scheme. However, on 1 April 2020 Sue began to feel unwell, and after her paramedic friend insisted on checking up on her, Sue ended up being taken into hospital and was diagnosed with Covid-19. Sue, M&S Southport colleague, and Southport Hospital volunteer, said:- "I'm so grateful to my friend for checking up on me. Without him I probably would have just soldiered on as I told myself I was fine, but really, I wasn't. I'm just relieved to have made a full recovery; sadly so many others haven’t been so lucky."

Sue resumed her volunteer role on Tuesday last week; something she's been looking forward to for many weeks during her recovery at home. Sue added:- "I've been itching to get back to the hospital over the past month. I thoroughly enjoy being able to support the Hospital at this really challenging time. It’s so important that people and businesses like M&S give back where they can and help our vital NHS fight Coronavirus."

And Sue’s hospital colleagues are glad to have her back. The Hospital relies on volunteers, but unfortunately with many of them being over 70, it has lost 75% of its volunteer workforce due to the Government’s self isolating guidelines, so the NHS team has been more grateful than ever for Sue's contributions. Irene Gardner, Volunteer Services Manager at NHS Southport and Ormskirk NHS Trust, said:- "Our Pharmacy team look upon Sue; or 'Sudafed' as she has been affectionately nicknamed by staff; as an essential member of the team. She's an inspiration to us all and we're so glad she's made a full recovery and is back with us. We missed her a lot. Everyone she meets on her travels throughout the Hospital is greeted with her cheery smile, enthusiasm and optimism. A massive thank you from myself and all of the staff at Southport and Ormskirk NHS Trust!"

RISE-ing Up in Lockdown

12 brand new arts commissions by Culture Liverpool will show how female artists from across the world have responded creatively to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a special online legacy project, forming part of the city’s RISE season; which pays homage to extraordinary women across the globe; the brand new micro commissions will provide a social commentary on the impact of coronavirus.

Director of Culture for Liverpool, Claire McColgan, said:- "This time in our lives is so unique and slowing down has proven to be a real creative force. These commissions give us a strong, female commentary on the pandemic; a commentary which so far seems to have been dominated by male voices. The 12 women have used lockdown as a way to tap into their creativity and produce empowering, thought-provoking and diverse pieces of work. More than ever, it's essential we shine a spotlight on incredible creative talent and make their work as accessible as possible and it’s fantastic that we can achieve this by building on the success of last year’s RISE programme. It's a clear message; things may be different right now, but there is still incredible art and culture on offer at the click of a button."

Podcasts, blogs, music, visual art, photography and film are all used to showcase a female response to the crisis, exploring social inequalities, isolation, loss, separation and trying to understand the 'new normal.'

Sharon Bailey said:- "It’s fantastic to showcase my work alongside other women. There are so few opportunities around at the moment and this support is invaluable. It helped me to continue to tell the stories of those I met during the making of my recent Home Alone project. When you experience my diary and film you’ll glimpse into the world of five older women, stuck at home, alone. As the lockdown starts to ease we can enter our communities again and be thankful, but I want people to remember that this won’t be the same for everyone. There has been wonderful support and kindness shown to our older citizens during this time by the public. I’m optimistic this will continue but much more needs to be done. Our social care system is in crisis. Things need to change."

Erika Diettes said:- "It has been an honour to be a part of this RISE artist community; we come from different parts of the world and all share the same concerns and fears in these times of Covid-19. Introspection: Introspección deals with my personal loss and how I am coping with it during these difficult days of confinement. All I can think about is how we all can come together as artists at this moment and can try to make a difference is having empathy so we can RISE once again."

The commissions are:-

►Still - a photography collection by Liverpool artist Amber Akaunu inspired by how she has used this time to slow down and reconnect with herself and others.

►Lockdown - Yemeni-Scouse writer and performance artist Amina Atiq uses photography to re-tell her lockdown story.

►Virtual Insanity - This comedy short film shines a light on lockdown life and is written and produced by actors Cath Rice and Stephen Fletcher.

►Introspection: Introspección - Making a return to the RISE programme after opening the 2019 season, Colombian artist Erika Diettes uses self-portraits to empower herself in the midst of Covid-19.

►And This is What Am Doing! - Karen Gallagher uses dance to lighten the mood, creating a whole diary using only TikTok videos.

►Little Bird - Lizzie Nunnery has produced an emotive audio piece which provides a snapshot of a mother and daughter separated.

Lucent - LIMF Academy alumni LUNA has focused on empowering females with a special track she has created using voice notes from Liverpool women about how they are coping with the health crisis.

►45k - This piece of mobile phone photography, created by Clare Brumby, explores the gender divide in the UK and across the rest of the world, which has been further exposed during the Covid-19 lockdown.

►Oh hun Women’s Hour - A series of women tell their life in lockdown stories in this podcast, including frontline workers, mothers, business owners and council workers.

►Mothers Who Make Liverpool in Lockdown - This film by Claire Bigley documents the daily routines of women and uncovers the strength and resolve they have.

►And Still We Rise - A unique short video which includes contributions from a diverse range of participants to act as a reminder that throughout history, women have risen time and time again. It has been produced by Tmesis Theatre.

►Home Alone Together - Artist and activist Sharon Bailey has created this short film which challenges our idea about ageing and shows how culture can play a role in supporting vulnerable, isolated and lonely people.

All the unique commissions can be enjoyed by visiting the Culture Liverpool website. RISE has been created by Liverpool City Council and funded by Arts Council England.g

Total UK cases COVID-19 cases - update for Liverpool City Region and surroundings

THE total number of Coronavirus (COVID-19) that have been laboratory confirmed, within the UK, has risen by 1,887 cases and the total number now stand at 269,127, that includes tests carried out by commercial partners which are not included in the 4 National totals. The total number of deaths of people who have had a positive test result confirmed by a Public Health or NHS laboratory is 37,837. Daily number of COVID-19 associated UK fatalities added to the total, was sadly reported to be 377 according to the Department of Health. In England, there are a total of 151,422 confirmed cases. North West - total of 25,338 confirmed cases. The number of laboratory confirmed cases within the following Local Authorities, in and around the Liverpool City Region are as follows:-

► Liverpool, 1,606 confirmed cases.

► Sefton, 926 confirmed cases.

► Wirral, 1,263 confirmed cases.

► St. Helens, 752 confirmed cases.

► Halton, 394 confirmed cases.

► Lancashire, 3,568 confirmed cases.

► Cheshire West and Chester, 1,110 confirmed cases.

► Cheshire East, 1,214 confirmed cases.

► Manchester, 1,558 confirmed cases.

► Stockport, 1,048 confirmed cases.

► Trafford, 807 confirmed cases.

► Wigan, 1,199 confirmed cases.

► Bolton, 1,009 confirmed cases.

► Rochdale, 776 confirmed cases.

► Bury, 745 confirmed cases.

► Tameside, 713 confirmed cases.

► Oldham, 1,067 confirmed cases.

► Blackburn with Darwen, 408 confirmed cases.

These stats are according to Public Health England as of 28/05/2020. Last updated 4.36pm GMT. UK total includes cases detected through:- "Pillar 2" testing (tests carried out by commercial partners) and therefore does not equate to the sum of the 4 countries' counts, which only include:- "Pillar 1" (tests carried out by NHS / PHE / Devolved Administration Labs).. UK total includes cases detected through:- "Pillar 2" testing (tests carried out by commercial partners) and therefore does not equate to the sum of the 4 countries' counts, which only include:- "Pillar 1" (tests carried out by NHS / PHE / Devolved Administration Labs).

UK Government Coronavirus Press Conference on 28 May 2020 Video



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