Emergancy COVID-19 Notices for the Liverpool City Region - 2020-05-07

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AS This page is to place quick update important notices that are being sent to us from Government and other organisations over the Coronavirus Emergency affecting our country (UK)...  Please remember that the information changes quickly, so always check to see what time and when the last post was made.  We will update as and when we can...  Users of our Formby Reporter's Free Email Service will get most updates 1st and then they will be added on here as soon as we can...  If you have any updates to send in or any views on the posts on here, please email us to:- News24@SouthportReporter.Com.

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This page last updated on 7 May 2020

Barclays Bank messes up Bounce Back Loan applications

A 'more information required flag' on some of Barclays Bank's customers accounts is blocking them from having access to the 'vital' loans they should be able to apply for. If this is affecting you, please don't despair, you are not alone. It was 1st reported on Monday, 4 May 2020, when the Bounce Back Loan scheme launched, but still many businesses are struggling to get emergency money from the Bank. The loans are 100% guaranteed by the Government and designed to keep small businesses alive, but for those affected. This is more than frustrating for those who have repeatedly to tried to get it to work. Many of them said the same:- "We can't get though on the phone number and we just get repeatedly a message saying:- "something went wrong" flash up on his screen." These loans are for amounts between ₤2,000 and ₤50,000 and are meant to be credited to bank accounts within 24 hours, with no interest payments or charges for the 1st year and then for the rest term, of up to 6 years, the interest will be fixed at 2.5%. Barclays said the vast majority of customers were managing to apply online adding insult to injury for those customers. Many of them saying that the loan is the difference between potentially going under or staying afloat. We have not hear any issues with the other Banks as of yet, with them apparently processing applications far more efficiently. An employee for Barclays Bank said:- "We know about the problem and it is coursing incredible pressure on those affected. This is a security issue to protect against fraudulent claims.  Please call the number and hold on. But if you can't pass the phone security questions, you will have to call again after 24 hours until you pass the questions being ask or go into your branch to get a phone banking set up." We would like to hear from businesses who have been affected by issues applying for the Bounce Back Loans. If you have had problems or you want to say something good, please do let us know via emailing us to:- News24@SouthportReporter.Com about this topic.

Adam Bailey replying to a Twitter post we added said:- "Absolutely, been trying all week with no luck, error page every day."

Gill Robertshaw added:- "Have tried over 1000 times to access the application form Barclays. Been a customer for 26 years and feel massively let down."

Brian Bunu also responded adding:- "I've gone through all stages and received 2 texts after 1 saying funds will be in later, then 1 saying payment will be delayed. Not heard anything since Tuesday."

Chris Hawkes:- "Correct. I checked my details in branch and all correct. Only one signatory needed on my account so there shouldn't be anything stopping me applying. Poor communication between Barclays and customers."

A guy stuck in Australia uses Deliveroo to send apology message to his girlfriend stuck in the UK

JOE (25) who's currently stuck in Queensland, Aus, has just won boyfriend of the year after sending a chocolate filled apology to his girlfriend (Harneet, 25) in the UK for spending too much time gaming!

They do say the way to someone's heart is through their stomach, so when Joe found himself in the dog house 9,443 miles away, he ordered up an apology courtesy of Deliveroo. He added a personalised apology message to his order notes on the app, hoping it would make its way onto Harneet's delivery bag. It read:- "I'm sending this from Australia to my girlfriend stuck in the UK. I know I've been playing too much League of Legends and not calling you enough, so this is a note to say I'm sorry, I love you, and hopefully I can be your legend again, love Joe xx."

The restaurant Urban Chocolatier who received the order in the UK saw the note and had some fun playing messenger with a hand written message on the bag.  After spotting the post on Twitter, Deliveroo reached out to the couple for more info.

Arts Festival Under Threat Of Collapse In Covid-19 Pandemic Goes Virtual

LIVERPOOL'S famous Writing on the Wall Festival (WoWFEST) is under threat of collapse in its 20th year because of the Covid-19 pandemic has been transformed into a virtual event for its thousands of fans. WoWFEST: LOCKDOWN, which launched, on Thursday, 7 May 2020, and runs until the end of the month, will feature more than 20 events, including a range of famous:- Poets, Writers, Authors, Academics, Criminologists, Doctors and even Politicians, from across the world. And festival organisers have today revealed the latest famous name to join the event, is former Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Other famous names include:- Author of Trainspotting, Irvine Welsh; criminologist, Phil Scraton, probably best known for his work following the Hillsborough Disaster; Novelist and Screenwriter Nikesh Shukla, Daily Mirror Columnist, Brian Reade; Comedian Rosie Jones, who will reveal details of her journey into TV and comedy; Author and Artistic Director Sharna Jackson, BBC Radio 6 DJ, Stuart Maconie, Drag Artist Glamrou and Jude Lennon, who will bring a programme of story time events to young children, and Liverpool's renowned urban Griot Levi Tafari.

Mike Morris, Co-Director of Writing on the Wall, said:- "After having to collapse our annual live festival as a result of the Coronavirus, we have worked around the clock to ensure we will still be able to bring the array of incredible international, national and local guests, which we have lined up this year, to our thousands of fans. We were determined we would not allow the festival to collapse in our 20th year."

All of the sessions will be interactive with the audience members being encouraged to ask questions and interact with the speakers following their performances / presentations.  The event is free and will be live streamed via:- Facebook.

WoWFEST: LOCKDOWN is asking anyone who would like to make a donation to do so and this money will be divided between South Liverpool Domestic Abuse Service, Fans Supporting Food Banks and Writing on the Wall. Writing on the Wall came to life following the 1995 to 1998 lockout of the Liverpool Dockers and the creation of the film, Dockers, which aired on Channel 4, back in 1999. This sparked the idea for a month long festival of artists which is backed by Arts Council England. Since its launch, the event has touched the lives of thousands of people and helped to launch the careers of many successful writers and spoken word artists and performers.  Further details on all of the events throughout this month are available from:- WoWFest.UK.

Find out more about Writing on the Wall and it's projects with local communities:- WritingOnTheWall.Org.UK.

Total UK cases COVID-19 cases - update for Liverpool City Region and surroundings

AFTER the death toll increased today by 539 to 30,615 recorded deaths that have had a positive test result confirmed by a Public Health or NHS laboratory making the UK the worst hit country in Europe, and 2nd only to the US globally. COVID-19 associated deaths, in England now stands at 27,432, Northern Ireland at 418, Scotland at 1,703 and Wales has had 1,062 deaths. The number of recorded lab-confirmed UK cases of COVID-19 infections, that includes tests carried out by commercial partners which are not included in the 4 National totals, as reported by the Department of Health, continues to go up, on Thursday 7 May 2020, by 5,614, pushing the total 206,715 cases. In England, there are a total of 131,932 confirmed cases. North West - total of 21,600 confirmed cases. Current Hospital Laboratory confirmed cases within the following Local Authorities, in and around the Liverpool City Region are as follows:-

► Liverpool, 1,500 confirmed cases.

► Sefton, 849 confirmed cases.

► Wirral, 1,075 confirmed cases.

► St. Helens, 686 confirmed cases.

► Halton, 338 confirmed cases.

► Lancashire, 3,055 confirmed cases.

► Cheshire West and Chester, 890 confirmed cases.

► Cheshire East, 966 confirmed cases.

► Manchester, 1,257 confirmed cases.

► Stockport, 928 confirmed cases.

► Trafford, 658 confirmed cases.

► Wigan, 910 confirmed cases.

► Bolton, 865 confirmed cases.

► Rochdale, 622 confirmed cases.

► Bury, 628 confirmed cases.

► Tameside, 513 confirmed cases.

► Oldham, 886 confirmed cases.

► Blackburn with Darwen, 345 confirmed cases.

Total number of lab-confirmed cases in England by age and sex
  Age group Male cases Female cases
  0 to 4 356 274
  5 to 9 157 129
  10 to 14 167 178
  15 to 19 310 501
  20 to 24 938 2,303
  25 to 29 2,256 4,756
  30 to 34 2,549 4,546
  35 to 39 2,493 3,842
  40 to 44 2,986 4,160
  45 to 49 3,782 5,038
  50 to 54 4,457 5,538
  55 to 59 4,725 5,018
  60 to 64 4,473 3,729
  65 to 69 4,121 2,684
  70 to 74 5,064 3,359
  75 to 79 5,816 4,266
  80 to 84 6,598 5,792
  85 to 89 5,703 6,387
  90+ 3,929 6,622

These stats are according to Public Health England as of 07/05/2020. Last updated 5.14pm GMT. UK total includes cases detected through:- "Pillar 2" testing (tests carried out by commercial partners) and therefore does not equate to the sum of the 4 countries' counts, which only include:- "Pillar 1" (tests carried out by NHS / PHE / Devolved Administration Labs).. UK total includes cases detected through:- "Pillar 2" testing (tests carried out by commercial partners) and therefore does not equate to the sum of the 4 countries' counts, which only include:- "Pillar 1" (tests carried out by NHS / PHE / Devolved Administration Labs).

UK Government Coronavirus Press Conference on 7 May 2020 Video



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